Meet my friends!

They're awesome game devs and professionals I've meet from around the world, feel free to check their portfolios and pm them if you want to contact them!

Ivan Ochoa - Gamebox Studios

Bolivian 3D artist and programmer - Check his portfolio!

In my role as a self-taught 3D artist, I have completed many personal projects following the workflow needed to work with real time engines. Moreover, I am very familiarized with Unity’s rendering pipelines, I feel very comfortable using HDRP, URP, or the Build-in Renderer. You can check some sample 3d objects on my Artstation profile. These models were built to be used in Unity’s URP and HDRP.

The main tools that I use are Blender(for 3D modeling, UV unwrapping, and assigning color ids), Substance Painter(for texturing, and baking all the necessary maps), and Unity (for rendering). Furthermore, in order to apply materials for the models that I make, the prop’s materials are created with a PBR workflow. Lastly, I also have skills in the programming side so that I can communicate and understand better with people from other areas on the team. I know very well C#, C++, and Java

Gabriel Gallardo Alarcón

Bolivian Sound and Music designer based in Germany - Check his portfolio!

I've worked with Gabriel before and he is a very professional musician, he has knowledge on programming and versioning tools and he is never afraid of learning new things in order to bring his sounds and music to life inside a videogame.

He's constantly collaborating with other teams, creating sounds and music for game jams all accross the world, he is, without a doubt, the best musician and sound designer I know.

Sergio Ribera

Game Programmer and Generalist Programmer - Check his portfolio!

Sergio is a friend and co-workers of mine at VReality. Working with him has been very pleasent, he is a fast learner and tackles the harder problems in the most practical and creative ways, as a gamer and friend of game developers, he is familiar with the game design concepts and can provide very useful feedback on how to improve the gameplay of a game. He is also a quick learner and can easily adopt new technologies.

His background in other programming areas has give him a very interesting bank of logical knowledge that he can apply everywhere, also, as he knows about other areas beside game programming, he is able to help the team in ways outside of the production of a game.


Game Development Community - Contact'em!

When I started to become an active gamedev at twitter, a great spanish-speaker community greeted me, most of them belonged to the "TODO GameDev" and were friends with a cool dude called "Watanoge", he was organizing this gamejam series called "mejorando ando", it was more than a game jam, it was a series of game jams in which you could win points and spend them in Watanoge's store (things like: games, domains, licenses), everything payed from his own pocket. It reminded me to those arcade machines in which you would play and earn tickets to buy gifts at the store with them... it was a lot of fun!

That contest gave life and motivation to hundreds of game developers across the world, nowadays, he and a bunch of his friends are together with a common quest: to breathe life into the long-time-dead Mexico's IGDA, they are a multidisciplinary young and powerful mexican team, and they are helping gamedevs, not only from México, but from all across the world to become better at gamedeving.

They are having a hard time getting scolarships for their community for the GDC, and I think that they deserve to have scolarship, they work so hard and help so much! so, by any means, if you think you can giv'em a hand, please contact them!

Alvaro Nogales – Neko Dev

Productor de videojuegos boliviano - Mira su portafolio!

Mi rol principal es productor y director/codirector de videojuegos indie.

Llevo desarrollando videojuegos desde el 2017 donde empeze como Solo-Dev y gracias a esa experiencia empece a desempeñar como mi rol principal el de Productor del equipo, aquella persona que organiza y gestiona al equipo.

Y tambien realice mis iniciativas de videojuegos serios, como algunos emprendimientos, lo que me dio la experiencia de desempeñar mi rol de director/codirector.

¿Y porque no escribiste en ingles? R. Porque solo hablo español, y hasta que no aprenda ingles, por ahora solo quiero trabajar con equipos que tambien hablen mi idioma.

Yordan Bernabé (SkyHell)

Concept Artist / Illustrator - Check his artstation!

Hi there! ("SkyHell") - Yordan Bernabé Charca. I am a 2d artist passionate about video games.

I have a history of years practicing and polishing my skills in design, illustration and textures. My main objectives are the video game industry and audiovisual entertainment. Places where I see myself grow professionally as well as a person.

Asociación Boliviana de Videojuegos (ABV)

Bolivian IGDA chapter - Contact them!

Without a doubt, none of what I've achieved would have been posible without the help of the ABV, I won a scolarship to go to the GDC back in 2020, but it was cancelled due to the pandemic, and then, this year (2022) I won the scolarship again! they are always organizing gamedev events and promoting, studying and supporting the bolivian gamedev industry.

Thanks for everything <3