3D Artist

Working as a 3D Artist inside for a game development team

Working at VReality I've helped complete 3D Assets whenever the 3D artist was busy with another projects (or another assets!), that's one of the things I love the most about this studio: I can always lend a hand in almost any area.

While developing a game for Arcor and Paw Patrol I helped creating secondary 3D models for every minigame. Let me tell you: having a developer and a 3D Artist is very helpful for an indie studio because this dev can create his own assets exactly the way he needs them so they can be seamlesly integrated into the game.

So I wanted to try something very interesting to seamlessly generate an infinite runner 3D environment, but by the time the 3D artist was really busy retopologizing the highpoly models of some pups, so I lend a hand by making the 3D assets necessary for the infinite runner minigame, and I also implemented it!

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