Personal Projects

Hypnogogia (WIP)
(solo dev) (music from Ariel Velarde)

In this physics-based game you play over and over the same day in the life of Rafa: an exploited 3rd world doctor, but no matter how hard you try to savotage him, everything works out fine at the end of the day in the most crazy ways.

Batallas Intertemporales Marítimas
(solo dev) (own music)

Ever wondered how would Bolivia be today if Chile never have won the Pacific war? Well with this turn-based strategy game you will have the chance to change the course of time, and save the young girl Genoveva Ríos and Don Eduardo Abaroa from the cruel hands of the chilean army, and command them in a decissive battle for the southern pacific.

This game was made in two weeks for the Premios Eduardo Abaroa 2021's government art competition. They never announced the winners.

ENTROPÍA: El último de los mecaguerreros
(experiment) (solo dev)

In this minigame I experimented with the shader graph in order to create a dessolation/action/postapocalyptic atmosphere.

I also played with Unity's animator in order to allow the last of the mechawarriors to move his legs towards the motion, but at the same time his head and arms towards wherever he was shooting at.

(WIP) (solo dev)

Santa's reindeers have been confiscated by animal protection! Now he will have to deliver the world's gifts by foot, meanwhile, he will learn a thing or two about basic animal's needs and how to treat them correctly.

I started working in this project some xmas ago, now I've decided that I am going to work on it every xmas until I release it.

(with @Stylovich and @SeanDoe) (GGJ2022)

Play as Will-On, a robot in a postapocalyptic world that takes care of plants and tries to keep the plant-eating worms away.

I was part of a team, I couldn't help too much because I was working, but during the weekend I helped with SFX, plant and worms models and animations

(with GlimpG and isabraxas) (GGJ2021)

This is a game without words in which you help a son to pack as he explores his memories.

This one is a mix of Klotski and perspective puzzles, made in Unity but with a big help from Blender.

Hotel Paraíso
(with isabraxas +6 more) (GGJ2020)

So you work as a handyman in this 5-stars hotel but the owner is penny-pinching monster, the whole hotel is falling apart and is your job to keep everything working as smoothly as possible for as many time as you can work. Change lightbulbs and turn off fires before the whole floor falls apart

This one was specially a challenge because no one in the team had Unity installed, and the modeller didn't know how to texturize by then, so I had to juggle all the 3D models and textures and integrate them into Unity... I am proud of the result.

(solo dev) (WIP) (Oculus Quest)

You are a conartist divorced unemployed parent, your son helps you find a decent job that turns out to be as a diplomat's secretary, except that you actually become the diplomat because he is a slacker and makes you do all of his work.

Now you have to attend to diplomatic dinners and decide the destiny of your country, and even the world... SPOILER ALERT: it will all depend on your table etiquette and what gifts you bring to the meetings


(Generalist game developer) (current)

VReality is an enterprise that creates digital solutions for a wide variety of problems.

One of the things I mostly helped developing at VReality is Advergaming, providing videogames and digital experiences for small and big industries that require to show their services at fairs and expositions.

I had the opportunity to try a lot of new and exciting technologies, VReality is always at the edge of the new.

Some technologies I've worked with while at VReality are: Oculus Quest, Microsoft Kinect and Arduino.

Moon Rabbit Studio

I was the programmer at a team of 4 at Moon Rabbit (previously known as Relativity), we were developing an IP about a little gnome called Dominic, the game was a mix between puzzle and platformer in an isometric 3D setting, one of the biggest challenges was to allow Dominic to climb and duck around the house.

I also helped in the creation of Patrulla Net: a mobile 3D platformer game comissioned by AGETIC in order to teach children about computer security

Ancestral Gods
(Generalist game developer and game designer)

I was a cofounder at Ancestral Gods being the main developer of Suri al Futuro: a mobile game created to teach children about the importance of taking care of the water, this game was financed by governement's office MMAyA, and I kept helping with several tasks for VR videogames.

Later I became lead developer designing several game for this studio and helping create their first own IP.

And then I became a freelancer, where I helped them create edutainment games for the Save The Children NGO at Bolivia

Firebot Games

While working at Firebot I developed tasks related to AI and gameplay programming, the team was really friendly and the way they organized the projects and the code reviews were one of the things I liked the most while working here.

UNIVALLE - Cochabamba
(Game Development professor)

I was professor during one semester teaching software engineering students game development with Unity.